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There’s a fine line between courting someone and harassment.

On the left: A character sitting on a bench, wearing glasses, reading a book. On the right: a male figure approaching the lone reader. Dialogue. Male speaking: “Hey! Would you like to go on a date with me?”. Character responds: “Huh? Oh, no, thank you, but I appreciate the invite.” Male thinking: “Select option: 1) ignore rejection, start negotiation 2) call names: Wh#re! Sl*t! You’re ugly!” 3) leave her alone.
Photo by James Garcia on Unsplash, illustrations by the author

Springtime in Berlin

Use this Google Sheets Editorial Calendar 2021 template to plan Social Media posts across all your Social Media channels.

Screenshot of the template showing the Jan ’21 tab with random dummy data.
The Social Media Editorial Calendar 2021 with some dummy content.

Table of Contents

· Why this template was created
· Use cases
· How to get your free template
· How to customize your template
· Downsides

Why this template was created

Writer, spreadsheet & tooling nerd, amateur filmmaker, personal development junkie (aren’t we all), language lover, introvert.

Gracia Kleijnen in Prague
Image of the author in Prague, Czech Republic (long before Covid) — Taken by a…

Regain an overview of your money with this simple expense tracking spreadsheet

Full sight on the ‘Overview’ tab. Income section in green, expense sections in red and a brighter green bar with savings at the bottom.
2022 Digital Household Booklet Google Sheets template — all screenshots by the author
  • The regular…

Let’s see how well that went, or not

The Blob, the author’s mascot, holding a magnifying glass and looking at a calendar for 2021
Image by the author

Total monthly earnings of an average freelancer

The Blob surfing on a flying stack of dollar bills with wings on a darkish grey background.
Image by the author

Income source #1: Medium

  • Total earnings: $65.57
  • Total time spent: ± 7…

I was barely writing and publishing. Had I given up?

The Blob, the writer’s mascot, on top of a hill with mountains in the background, running across while holding hands with a pink ghost and a green prickly monster. The mountain peaks are topped with snow. The pink ghost is cheekily looking back.
The Blob running on a The Sound of Music-esque hill holding hands with 2 good…

Gracia Kleijnen

Writing my way to progress. Topics: personal growth, life lessons, tooling & (failed) ventures. Owner: Google Sheets Geeks pub.

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