Knowing When To Pivot Is A Strength

Don’t be afraid to change course when you’ve reached the end of one path.

Black male creator wearing headphones with microphone and desktop setup.
Black male creator wearing headphones with microphone and desktop setup.
Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

Social Media use cases

Social Media becomes what you intend to use it for.

  • You can use it to build a personal brand with [insert platform where your audience lives here].
  • You can “productively procrastinate” by utilising it to learn about UX design, coding, or how to make digital drawings with bite-sized Procreate tutorials on Tiktok.

How to be a video creator

I ended up on the Instagram account of a young, hungry and hustling video creator.

The Growth Stage

His consistent practice paid off. The quality of his videos gradually improved. His follower count exploded and made it up to 30K plus.

Radio silence

This year I noticed a longer period of silence. The follower count on his Instagram was dropping by the thousands. After all, there was nothing new to consume for a while now.

Knowing when to pivot is for the self-aware

When you commit to something publicly, people are watching to see if you follow through and stick to your word. Some are eager to see you fail, so they feel better about not taking action on their own dreams and aspirations. People start “expecting” to see a certain type of content. They might even feel entitled and complain when you change things up.

I think it is a massive strength and a sign of deep self-awareness to decide when a chapter of your life ends. When it is “enough”. To say: “I’ve done this, it was awesome, but it’s time for something new”. To not stick to how you’ve done things, just because you’re afraid of what critics might say.

I’ve been quietly observing this young man’s journey as a mere bystander and watch him develop. I admire all that he has accomplished at such a young age.

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Writing my way to progress. Topics: personal growth, life lessons, tooling & (failed) ventures.

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