No Idea What To Build? Steal My Coding Projects & Mobile App Ideas

I used to be coder. Or I tried to be a coder. Writing out cryptic phrases on a black screen and making the computer do whatever I wanted, building anything that came to mind into reality? That used to be a dream. Those days are behind me now. I have adjusted course and mostly make use of the tools built by others out there.

There were and are many projects that seemed cool to execute. I started some, but placed the majority in their final resting place on the eternal project graveyard. I can dig them up anytime, but that time is not now.

You learn best by doing. This also counts for coding. You can read all the programming books in the entire world, and still not know how to actually build, because you haven’t practiced.

Build something crappy and learn how to really code. Ship an MVP, don’t add any fluff. Improve upon it later.

Steal these coding project ideas

Don’t know what to build? Every time I came across something that could use improving, or an idea that seemed cool or fun, I added it to a list. I’m happy to share with you my list of coding ideas.

  1. Animal shelter software: with a login for the shelters (to add animal information such as vaccinations, behaviour, previous owners or microchip) and for pet fosters or owners (to track the welfare of the animal). Make it possible to contact shelters and owners inside the app. Filter animals by status (up for adoption, needs XX, ready for pick up).
  2. Bucket List Friends app: When doing my bucket list, I often needed a buddy, as mental support or to help with filming, as I was documenting each activity on video. Finding partners in crime deemed difficult. I thought: “Why not make an app for this?” You’d be able to enter your city, the activity, and what you’d need help with. It would be an exchange where you help each other out. Picture sharing in-app is optional.
  3. app: Can’t decide what to eat and where? Have your friend spend your money for you! Decide on a budget, leave out any allergies, and get a secret dish ordered straight to your house!
  4. Film Making Friend: To find filmmakers or hobby videographers to go out and shoot together with (unlike Meetup, where the shooting would be done in a group setting).
  5. Public accountability web app that takes data from a spreadsheet you update regularly. This one is fully inspired by Steph Smith’s Progression Page. It would include GitHub’s contribution graph. In this article Anne-Laure Le Cunff wrote a tutorial you could follow to start with the contribution graph. This one I still high up on my to-do list because there’s a spreadsheet involved, and it seems like fun!
  6. I Don’t Know What To Do app: Input all your to-do’s in here. This will work especially well if they are all of equal importance. The idea is to build a to-do list app, but have one list only that is hidden. The app will only show you one and only one to-do that you will have to complete. Tick it off, and the next one will appear. Don’t want to work on this one? Toggle to get a different random task.
  7. Table Tennis Buddy: an app to find random people in your area to play table tennis with. Features: search within range, has own kit or no, time to meet up at, and live location tracking. You should be able to add a buddy request. Others will be able to book you and vice versa. When you book someone or when someone books, you’ll get notified.
  8. A Chrome extension to insert today’s expenses one by one and have them automatically added to my Digital Household Booklet.
  9. A Movie Board app: to flash in front of the camera as a movie clapboard before recording a new scene. It should have the date, scene name and take number #. It has no other purpose than looking cute (and speeding up the cutting process when editing the materials later on).
  10. Holographic Augmented Reality Dance School: I want my favourite dance teachers to appear in my room as a hologram so that I can follow their classes from the comfort of my own home.
  11. Carry Buddy: Newcomers to cities often need to decorate their flat. Maybe they’ll comb through the free section on eBay Kleinanzeigen or Craigslist. Even when armed with a handcart, you might still need help carrying furniture up and down in buildings. This is where Carry Buddy comes in. You’d state the pick up date and location, how many extra pairs of hands you’d need, how heavy the item is, the dimensions and the distance the item needs to be carried.
  12. Word occurrence top 5: A chrome extension that goes through your document, counts all words that are used and sorts them from high occurrence to low. What for I hear you ask? To check whether or not you’re using certain words too often. If so, you can replace them with a synonym or rephrase the sentence.
  13. Water tracking app: Like the ones that you find in the App Store, but cleaner and more minimalistic. Make it possible to add to your daily intake in the app by tapping once on water glasses of different sizes. A big water glass will show you whether you’ve reached your goal already, or not. At the bottom there should be a graph or bar chart showing your progress over the last week.
  14. Learn languages Chrome extension: learn a language in-browser, like snippets or flash cards! Pick a deck to learn. Make clickable flashcards, or insert the correct translation of a word. Connect the extension to a web app to track the progress.
  15. “Affirmator” Chrome extension: Click on the extension to get affirmed that you are a-ma-zing, intelligent, capable and [fill in whatever you’d like to hear].
  16. Anti-depression Cute Cat Chrome extension: Upon clicking on the extension, a field will unfold and show a random picture of a cut cat from the internet.
  17. Coffee date app: Find people to go on coffee dates with for company and good conversation. Pick a location, date, time and make it possible to send out a buddy request, where others can book you, after which you get a notification.

Why am I sharing “my” ideas with the world? Because I want you to use them.

Ideas and grand dreams about projects are worthless if they are not executed upon. I can put them on a hard drive, or write them on a piece of paper and burry them to never be found again. I could choose to not share anything and take these ideas to the grave with me. But how will that benefit anyone? I’d rather have someone take them and make something useful out of it.

I know that I won’t get to them in the short term. Maybe you will!

If one or multiple of these ideas seems cool to you, please go ahead and build out your baby🚀!

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