Gracia Kleijnen

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  • Jonah Malin

    Jonah Malin

    creative writer gone pro.

  • Ijeoma Nelson

    Ijeoma Nelson

    An ex-Deloitte Software Engineer and Writer who loves collecting inspirations whilst exploring this wondrous world.

  • Jan Barley

    Jan Barley

    Direct Response Copywriter | Case study writer | SEO Content Writer | Content Marketing | Ghostwriter | Dog lover | Contact:

  • Sheryll James

    Sheryll James

    Desire to scatter my winsome wisdom before my ashes are scattered. Top Writer in psychology—retired physical therapist and mental health counselor.

  • Annika Wappelhorst

    Annika Wappelhorst

    Multilingual master’s student of Sustainable Communication. I mainly write about language learning and living in Sweden, France & Germany. She/her.

  • Nina Greimel

    Nina Greimel

    Founder of a PR agency | ✍️. PR, personal branding, entrepreneurship, grow a business | 👉 Free Media Pitch Cheat Sheet:

  • Alvin Ang

    Alvin Ang

    👑 Former contestant on “The Apprentice.” Current Top Writer on Medium.

  • Judy Derby

    Judy Derby

    Hey, ya’ll! I’m a retired social worker who always wondered what I should be when I grew up. Still don’t know. Love trivia, random thoughts and short stories.

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