Hi Tiffany!

Glad that it’s helpful to you. Don’t we all try haha. As long as we do our best :)!

Yep you’re making sense perfectly! We do that the exact same way as done with the expenses, by:
- Adding the income categories to the ‘non-fixed categories’ tab in a new table (per field one value)
- Adding however many rows you need in the ‘Overview’ sheet in the green area to match the amount of income categories you just wrote down in the ‘non-fixed categories’ tab in the new table. You can copy the array formula from ‘Overview’ tab in field A24 to, let’s say A4, and adjust the range accordingly.
- I’d probably copy the ‘jan 19’ tab. And then change the names of the two jan tabs to ‘jan 19 — IN’ and ‘jan 19 — OUT’ for example. Do that with all tabs. (Once the month is over, you can hide the tabs you don’t need anymore.)
- Then we need to change the new ‘jan 19-IN’ tab to pull the dropdown menu from the newly made table with the income categories! Highlight the entire dropdown menus, click on ‘Data’ > ‘Data validation’ > Criteria: List from range and again here, change the range to match your new income categories table. We have to do that for every sheet once.

This is how I would do it. Let me know if this would work for you!

All the best,

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