How Much Side Hustle Money I Made From 3 "Passive" Income Streams in April 2024

Enough to cover the grocery shopping bill for 1 person?

Gracia Kleijnen
3 min readMay 24, 2024


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In April 2024, I earned some pocket money from these 3 passive income sources:

  • Flipping used clothes on Vinted: $40.95 (after deducting packaging and postage costs)
  • Etsy digital template sales: $39.19 (profit)
  • Medium royalties: $47.09

Total: $127.23

I didn’t make any cash from my other passive income sources (Gumroad ebook sales, book royalties, Ko-fi donations).

How much time I spent on these projects

Always ask yourself at what cost you earned said amount of money.


Flipping clothes on Vinted is an easy side hustle.

I sell clothes I haven’t worn for a whole season. And when I come across a cheap item in-store, I try to flip it on second-hand app Vinted. This requires:

  • Taking photos of items
  • Creating listings
  • Talking with potential buyers
  • Packaging the item
  • Walking to and queueing at the post office



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