How Small Events Can Make Sense Only in Hindsight

It can take years for the dots to connect.

Man with glasses standing on rooftop looking sideways.
Man with glasses standing on rooftop looking sideways.
Photo by Heyphotoshoot on Unsplash

Thinking like a coder

Years ago I thought I wanted to become a professional coder. I had a serious go at it, until I decided that it wasn’t for me.

The spreadsheet consultant lady

During an early internship, I was assigned the collection of short, informative texts that would be compiled into a print booklet. This booklet was to be handed out to all participants at a large, international event. I liked this project. The goal was very clear: get people to send over their stories, and do so in time for production. Although it might sound easy, it was quite a challenge to get it done in time.

One value per cell, whether this is a number, a string, a formula. Just like on input forms.

This all has to do with more easily filing or modifying the information afterwards.

Learning Google Sheets & Scripts

The majority of my Google Sheets skills were acquired at a former job.

Connecting the dots, later

This clicked today. These dots connected years after the moment I was pouting like a spoiled child who just got told to share her toy and didn’t want to.

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Writing my way to progress. Topics: personal growth, life lessons, tooling & (failed) ventures.

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