How To Educate Yourself At Your Job

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An illustrated example of the right mindset.

When on-the-job training fails, take matters into your own hands.

At times of lows and boredom or when there was not that much work to do, I always did my best to stay ahead of the game by seeking out learning opportunities. The ones I most frequently made use of are listed below:

  • Spreadsheets📎: Almost any workplace will be using Excel or Google Sheets. Teach yourself how to use either of these (I wrote an article “How to improve your technical skills whilst working at a non-technical job”). Do tutorials through YouTube to just explore, or play with Google Apps Scripts if you want to get into coding with JavaScript. Find something to improve, and try to automate it. This will also improve your creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
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Doge knows what’s up.

What would you add to this shortlist? Let me know your thoughts.

Writing my way to progress. Topics: personal growth, life lessons, tooling & (failed) ventures.

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