Gracia Kleijnen

How I Made My First-Ever Digital Product and Sold 3 Copies

I’m proud I actually did this

My steps I took to sell a digital product:

Why a coloring book?

The Confused.

How drawing is one method that helps reduce my anxiety levels

One of the things on my bucket list, was to make art, and sell it. I realised only after my second sale, that I had accomplished this bucket list item!!

Choosing an online shop

The shop options I looked at

Narrowing it down

My final choice(s)

First impressions

Top menu bar has all the sections where you can adjust stuff. We’re now in the Products tab. There’s no clutter, you have a perfect overview. Straightforward right?
In the top bar you can see we’re in the Marketing section. Within, there’s Coupons, Social Discounts, Affiliates, lots of things to play with. Again, it’s easy to use. It couldn’t be more straightforward. Each of the main menu bar tabs look simple and clean like this.

Ok, cool! You have a shop now, and uploaded the product there. How to get customers?

Self-made from A-Z.

The responses have been overwhelming! I will quit my day job and become a full-time creator.

On that note…

Writing my way to progress. Topics: personal growth, life lessons, tooling & (failed) ventures. Owner: Google Sheets Geeks pub.