I Was Offered A Salary Raise To My Liking and Declined It

The offer came in just a little too late.

Person in yellow jumper wearing chunky bracelets typing on laptop at desk.
Person in yellow jumper wearing chunky bracelets typing on laptop at desk.
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

The joys of startup life

Startups can be fun and dynamic environments to work in, but also wildly draining and unpredictable. They don’t become economically sustainable overnight. Therefore, you are neither safe if you work there. Such companies require investments of time, money and energy upfront. Maybe for years before any return on these investments is seen.

“Not your business”

The business owners or management, they have the vision that pulls a company forward. They are indispensable, at least at first. As an employee or similar, you are hired to perform a certain job. If you perform it well, it helps the company and hereby your own career flourish. But you as a worker will never be as worried about the business as its owners are.

  • Go to university and get a degree
  • Get a job and live happily ever after
  • The end.
  • Getting told “Don’t take a break” and work tirelessly. I’m not a fan of toxic hustle culture.
  • The always present threat of sudden layoffs.
  • A colleague got praised for taking sales calls while sick in bed with a fever. As a manager, I would promote the opposite and grant my employees proper time off to recover when they need to.
  • Overtime was more standard than exception.

Making changes

Only two months in I nearly passed out in public as a result of work-related stress. But I stayed.

The final weeks

When I finally sat down with my manager, they were unaware that I wanted to quit. I had been performing just fine and was playing a foundational role in the department I was in.

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Writing my way to progress. Topics: personal growth, life lessons, tooling & (failed) ventures.

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