I’ve Moved Houses 20 Times in My Life

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Female wearing a blue jacket, black hat looking at street with construction signs in a city
Female wearing a blue jacket, black hat looking at street with construction signs in a city
Always under construction, like life — Photo by Ross Sneddon on Unsplash

Moving efficiently

Seeing how the folks moved houses showed me how I prefer to not do it, and that is by stashing items in garbage bags or moving boxes without sorting them out beforehand. First of all, why keep so many of these items that none of us have looked at in years? Secondly, moving is already a drag. Having less stuff will save everyone effort, because all those things that just got thrown into boxes will have to be sorted out and re-homed.

It turned me more into a moving minimalist

Moving light = best. I don’t need to drag every single piece of furniture to the new place, just because it’s “already there”. If it’s not essential, it doesn’t need to come. If I needed to move tomorrow, I’ll be there with ready to go with three bags max.

Furnishing on a budget

I’ll make a new place look and feel like home within a week, and on a budget. Living in rentals means there’s no need for me to pump thousands of euros into the place, especially if I only intend to live there for the short term.

Unafraid of change

What happens in your youth molds you. The constant moving around as a kid made me unafraid to pack up my shit and start a new life elsewhere.

Friendships sort themselves out

I couldn’t care less about not being close to my friends or “leaving them behind”. You cannot overhaul your life plans just because your current friends don’t want to move to a new place with you. If I look at people from my high school, they are now married and are raising their kids in owned property. Most of them bought a place close to their parents, or in their home town that some never even left.

It made me appreciate stability

I was always amazed at how others grew up in the one and the same house, in the same place, around the same people throughout their childhood. This life was unimaginable to me. I didn’t think of it as better or worse. It was just different.

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