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• 2 Jan: My Biggest Achievements (and Failures) of 2020
• 1 Jan: Medium is Like PornHub for Self-Development Junkies


• 25 Dec: Simple Weekly Google Sheets Planner 2021 (Free Template)
• 25 Dec: When the Christmas Craze Passes You By
• 19 Dec: I’ve Moved Houses 20 Times in My Life
• 18 Dec: How To Not Learn a Foreign Language When Abroad for 6 Months
• 15 Dec: How To Track Your Habits in 2021 with Google Sheets (Free Template)
• 13 Dec: How I Slowly Cut Out Meat From My Diet Completely
• 9 Dec: How to Easily Track Your Expenses with Google Sheets in 2021 (Free Template)
• 4 Dec: Medium Income and Progress Report November 2020: $30.77
3 Dec: Google Sheets Social Media Editorial Calendar 2021 for Your Personal Brand or Small Business (Free template)
• 29 Nov: Getting Bullied Out of My Student Flat Kickstarted My New Life
• 22 Nov: What Great Managers Do Differently
• 19 Nov: Don’t Let the Sunk Cost Fallacy Rob You of Your Time
• 17 Nov: 10 Things I’d Tell My 10-Year-Old Self
• 17 Nov: Personal Finance Tips from My Grandma
• 13 Nov: How My “Escape Plan” From The Office Looked Like
• 10 Nov: Focusmate Prevents Me From Becoming A Hermit
• 8 Nov: How I Set Up My Writing Habit
• 8 Nov: 4 Quick Google Sheets Tips You Can Start Using Today
• 6 Nov: Why You Should Document Your Life
• 5 Nov: We Are Destined to Become Puppets of Society
• 3 Nov: About Me - Gracia Kleijnen
• 1 Nov: Why I Write So Openly About My Failures
• 29 Oct: How One Person Opened My Eyes to Online Entrepreneurship
• 28 Oct: A Year-Long Flat Hunt as a Crash Course in Culture and Persistence
• 25 Oct: 57 Stories and 3 Months of Consistent Writing in the Medium Partner Program
• 24 Oct: I Tried To Make Money on and Didn’t Succeed
• 24 Oct: Medium Owes You Nothing
• 24 Oct: Avoid These Freelancing Mistakes When Just Starting Out
• 22 Oct: One Incident I Can’t Help But Attribute to Karma
• 21 Oct: Evergreen Content vs. Current or Trending Topics
• 20 Oct: Pursuing A BBA? Here’s What A BBA Graduate Would Tell You
• 19 Oct: How To Majestically Screw Up Your University Years
• Oct 15: How Having A Job Can Fuel Your Side Hustle
• Oct 14: Knowing When To Pivot Is A Strength
• Oct 13: Finding Comfort on a Stranger’s Virtual Shoulder
• Oct 11: A Harmless Sixth Grade Ghost Tour “Gone Wrong”
• Oct 11: When You Don’t Manage Work Stressors, You Pay The Price
• Oct 9: I Was Offered A Salary Raise To My Liking and Declined It
• Oct 9: How Small Events Can Make Sense Only in Hindsight
• Oct 9: What My Former Stepparent Taught Me About Life
• Oct 7: You Should Mute Your Notifications
• Oct 4: 8 Reasons Why Being Broke is Expensive
• Oct 4: Why Does Medium Look Like a Clean but Generic News Page?
• Oct 3: Have an iPad? That Means You Have a Second Screen
• Oct 1: Should You Mix Your Professional and Romantic Life?
• Oct 1: How To Thrive While Living The Frugal Life
• Sep 26: Discovering Someone’s Work After They’ve Passed
• Sep 26: Screw The Shame, Hit Publish Anyway
• Sep 22: 5 Tips for Your First YouTube Collaboration
• Sep 22: The Blissful Magic of Solitude
• Sep 20: Why Living in a Small Space Can Be Good For You
• Sep 19: Why You Should Highlight The Crap Out of Someone’s Article
• Sep 19: The Striking Similarities between Medium and YouTube Content
• Sep 18: I Expected to Come Home, but Home Was Now Somewhere Else
• Sep 17: Craft Ready-To-Publish Captions in Google Sheets (with template)
• Sep 13: When You’ve Outgrown A Past Identity
• Sep 12: You Are Not Your Wallet
• Sep 10: 6 Pitfalls To Avoid During Your Next Job Search
• Sep 8: The Challenge of Making a Human Connection Within 250 Seconds
• Sep 7: Use this Zap to Auto-Respond to Emails (Part #3/3)
• Sep 5: Can You Befriend Someone with Opposing Views?
• Sep 2: Organise your Gmail Inbox For Increased Productivity (and Fun) (Part #2/3 )
• Sep 1: How I “Zero My Inbox” (Part #1/3 — Gmail Walkthrough)
• Aug 31: Feeling Triggered? Ask Yourself Why
• Aug 30: Don’t Wait Until You “Feel Like It”
• Aug 28: No Idea What To Build? Steal My Coding Projects & Mobile App Ideas
• Aug 27: How To Optimise Your Space When Working From Home
• Aug 26: The Good and Bad of Working at a Call Centre
• Aug 22: 8 Tips on How to Suck Less at Public Speaking
• Aug 19: How I Quit Smoking For Good, And How You Might Too
• Aug 14: Times-Saving Google Sheets Shortcuts You Should Know (for Mac👩🏻‍💻)
• Aug 11: 8 Tips on How To Survive Parties as an Introvert
• Aug 10: When Friendships Reach Their Expiration Date
• Aug 9: 6 Tips on How To Navigate Office Life as an Introvert
• Aug 8: I Fell For One of Beijing’s Tourist Traps
• Jul 31: I Stopped Chasing a Professional Coding Career
• Jul 30: How to: Dynamic Dropdowns in Google Sheets
• Jul 28: NEW & Improved Google Sheets Habit Tracker Template 2020 — • Updated with Clickable Checkboxes ✅
• Jul 18: Google Search Ad —Free Google Sheets template
• May 18: How To Sell A Digital Product in The Most Simple Way
• May 15: Social Media Editorial Calendar 2020 — FREE Google Sheets Template


• Oct 29: How To Track Your Habits in 2020 (FREE Template!)
• Jul 17: Why I’m Doing A Bucket List
• Jul 17: You should get up and leave if you’re told this at a job interview
• Apr 23: Evolution of the Digital Household Booklet: Statistics, and an Upcoming Mobile App?!
• Apr 19: 7 Signs It Might Be Time For A Professional Change Of Environment
• Apr 16: How To Educate Yourself At Your Job
• Ape 6: What do you want to be when you grow up?
• Feb 25: Take The Plunge, Or Risk Losing Momentum
• Feb 23: Writing A LinkedIn Headline: Make A Better Effort Than ‘Looking For A Challenge’
• Feb 22: How to improve your technical skills at a non-technical job with Google Sheets🙌
• Feb 21: Experiences & Lessons Taken From Working At An Early Startup


• 19 Oct: Handy iPhone apps I use to guide me through the day
• 13 Oct: What I’d tell my 17-year old self at 27
• 4 Apr: Honest thoughts on my ongoing coding journey
• 18 Feb: Track and gain insight into your productivity with Google Sheets (updated for 2020)
• 20 Jan: Personal Tips On How To Start Meal Prepping


• 16 Dec: How to easily track your expenses with Google Sheets (updated for 2019)

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Writing my way to progress. Topics: personal growth, life lessons, tooling & (failed) ventures.

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