Need To Create a Writer’s Website? Try Journo Portfolio

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Gracia Kleijnen
5 min readJun 8, 2022

Screenshot of author’s Journo Portfolio writer’s website showing a top banner of a library, a circular headshot in the middle. Below that two content sections. On the left a desk with a laptop, on the right an “About Me” section.
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Why use a writing portfolio?

Is is handy for potential collaboration partners to scroll through your entire library to find out if you can work together? Maybe not so much.

Nearly all of my content on here is hidden behind the paywall. Eventually, with some detours, readers can reach me via Twitter, LinkedIn, or the inbox.

When my first pure writing client found me through one of my blogs, I realized a writer’s website to showcase my work may come in handy.

What should be in a writing portfolio?

I had a clear idea of how I wanted my portfolio to look. Simple and clean, including:

  • An About Page with an overview of accomplishments to increase my perceived credibility and lead to some of my best-performing articles.
  • A Blog section. Not to syndicate my blogs. I wanted to show little snippets, with or without an image, that would lead to the posts here on this platform, and to guest posts and articles that have my byline in them.
  • A Tools & Resources overview that I’d gradually expand with a Book Review section.
  • And a Contact page with a form.

Pretty straightforward.

What you want to put in yours depends on the information that would benefit the clients you want to get in touch with.

Where to create a writing portfolio?

I considered Squarespace, Ghost, and Wix. The range of applications was much broader than I needed it to be.

I went with Journo Portfolio (affiliate link). Why? I don’t need my website to apply to millions of use cases. I wanted to create a writing website in minutes.

Not much more, nothing less.

As you will see, the marketing on their main page spoke to me immediately.

Screenshot of Journo Portfolio landing page with huge letters screaming “Create an online portfolio in minutes”
Nice and straightforward.

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